Ask a Designer - Bathroom faucet color

Q: "I am trying to decide if I want the gold or bronze faucets. Everything is very synchronized and I wanted to break it up by adding the gold but thinking its too random.  I also found my art work for the middle. Thanks for all your help with ideas."

A: Great question!  I get asked a lot about fixture finishes for bathrooms and kitchens often relating to the best color or finish of faucets. Please see our advice below:

  • I would suggest a matte black finish for plumbing (faucets) and hardware (door pulls and knobs, light fixture finish)
  • I like gold as a finish but I think that it requires a lot of other elements within the room to make it look great. I think that gold hardware and plumbing looks great when paired with specific finishes and colors.  I have used it for custom homes when we designed specific rooms from scratch allowing us to select all the finishes that work the best with the gold finish.
  • Please see suggested fixtures below from Moen, Delta and Kohler. It appears your existing hardware pulls and light fixtures are black as well as the accent tile in your flooring so I think your existing bathroom would coordinate well with the black finish.
  • You could also ad coordinating black towel bars, toilet paper holder etc. in a coordinating black.  Most plumbing suppliers and wholesalers carry a matte black finish within their lines.  Nowadays black fixtures are as common as polished chrome.
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