Ask a designer - Kitchen flooring color

Q: “Which floor would look better in our kitchen?”


    A: Thank you for your question and photo! We are asked frequently what color is best for a kitchen floor and whether flooring should be lighter or darker than cabinets? Should flooring match cabinets? What is the most popular or best flooring for a kitchen?

    Please see attached image for the suggestion for flooring color/finish.

    Additionally we have included some recommendations on light fixtures, hardware pulls, plumbing fixture style/finish options so that you can visualize the entire finished room.  

    For renovation or new construction projects, we often include a commercial grade resilient flooring (There are an abundant of options from suppliers on vinyl plank flooring that looks exactly like a “real” wood flooring in terms of color, texture, grain) A LVT or luxury vinyl flooring product is extremely durable and easy to clean/maintain.

    Laminate is also an option for a kitchen flooring as it will more durable to cleaning, water stains compared to a real hardwood or engineered wood flooring.

    Tile will be more durable and resistant to stains, water, cleaning than the above mentioned finishes.

    However it is popular these days to use the same flooring throughout the dining, eating nook and surrounding areas to make the flooring seamless without transitions in different materials.

    I would suggest a matte finish flooring as this would look better with your cabinet and countertop. I think the high sheen finish is outdated.

    I have proposed some options that do have have a “yellow” tone in them. The recommended colors would work well with many different finishes and would be easy to coordinate all fixtures, fixtures and decorative light fixtures

    A black matte finish for hardware and fixtures or a gold/brass finish would both work well with your color scheme. 

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