Ask a Designer - kitchen pantry

Q: "Right now the cabinets under the window go the entire length of the wall.  In our remodel my husband recommended that we cut one one cabinet out so that we could have a cabinet that opens on the other wall. But now there is a weird gap and the way the windows and cabinets don't line up really bother me...what do you think?  We need the pantry space but does this look weird?  We can't add the pantry to the other side for a number of reasons."

A: Thank you for your question!  I would recommend that the cabinets extend to the wall.  If you cannot move the pantry to the other end of the unit where it is located, I would suggest making that entire wall extend the depth of the pantry.  That way, you have more storage overall and you can still keep the bar fridge and glass accent cabinets as per the original design.  I think that not extending the cabinet below the window would stand out and it would look like a design oversight or error.  I can see from the plan that you have limited upper cabinet storage due to the location of the windows. 

The built out pantry wall will allow for more needed storage. You will have additional countertop space now with the cabinets under the window extended to the pantry.  Please see attached sketch of plan and elevation for the suggested design.  I think this layout looks more "finished" in terms of the space plan design.  From a practicality point of view it also provides more storage.


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