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Q: “Can you please recommend end table, coffee table and rug?  Thank you!"

 A: I like the neutral color palette of your living room sofa, armchair and toss cushions.  I can see from the photo that the style of the home is modern with a monochromatic color scheme (mid tone wood flooring, shaker style kitchen cabinets in white or light grey finish and off white walls.  Based on what I see I can make the following recommendations for coffee table, end tables and area rugs.  I have included several options depending on your preference for metal finishes on furniture.

I think it is always nice to have a little contrast in terms of a color scheme whether it is a matte black or matte brass finish like the table base with marble in the cases of these coffee tables.

Similarly, the brass and matte black base of these end tables will pair well with your neutral sofa and armchair.

Depending on how much color or pattern you want to include in your area rug I have included a few options.  If you go with a neutral color rug you can include a strong pattern.  If you want to add a pop of color as an accent (toss cushions, art, area rug) I have included the following 3 color schemes as an example:





Dark grey and crimson accent (area rug, toss cushion, art)


Royal blue and grey accent (area rug, toss cushion, art)

Bronze accent (area rug, toss cushion, art)

All the above included furniture and accessory pieces are from Ruggable, Cb2, Society 6, Restoration Hardware, Structube. Let me know if you would like specific supplier information on the pieces.  

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