Ask a Designer - wallpaper for bathroom

Q: “I'm having the hardest time picking out a wallpaper for my powder room. I will be changing the light fixture, mirror and faucet to gold plus hanging shelving.  The pedestal is temporary while waiting for my custom white oak vanity that's being made."

A: We are asked often what wallpaper is suitable for bathrooms and whether it is Ok to put wallpaper in a bathroom.  It is fine to install wallpaper in your bathroom.  People are often concerned about the condensation within a bathroom but homes these days have climate control.

I have included some images of your bathroom to reflect the revisions you will be making (white oak cabinets, gold plumbing fixtures, existing wall paint color and laminate floor color).  

I have included a few options for wallcoverings.  Some are more subtle floral prints and others are a little more "bold" in terms of color and pattern.  The existing color scheme/color palette of your powder room are quite monochromatic so you could add a stronger pattern/color within the room.  

If you prefer a more subtle color scheme throughout I would select a paper that is neutral in color but has a bolder pattern/print. Let me know if you require any further suggestions or would like the specification for any of the included items.


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