Ask a Designer - Black doors trendy or out of style?

Q: What do you think about interior black doors?  I'm wanting to leave my trim white.  Do I paint the jamb black or white?"

A: We are asked often if black doors are just trendy and will go out of style. I love love love the aesthetic of a black interior door!  With that said, I think it works ideally when there are other elements within the space that tie in the door color like the door hardware color/finish, decorative lighting fixture finishes, and other metal furniture finishes 

  • As you can see from the reference images, in most cases the black door is paired with accent light fixtures that have black, a stair railing in a black finish, dining chairs in black or wood flooring in a dark ebony color. You are showing black finish door levers which is great.  I think that the contrast of the black finish of the door with the white casing and baseboard result in a stunning look. 
  • I like when the door hinges also coordinate with the door hardware.  The black door and white casing/baseboard/trim combo also allow a space to incorporate other colors easily. 
  • You can coordinate furniture and other finishes such as flooring material quite easily.  As you can see from the examples. One of the images shows a walnut wood flooring and another shows a cherry flooring.   
  • Black doors can work in a modern or traditional home depending on other existing finishes as mentioned earlier.  Let me know if you require a suggestion for a good "black" paint spec color and I would be happy to send you some options.

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