Ask a Designer - Fireplace brick redesign - how to make it look modern

Q: What should I do with the brick?


A: Great panel detail on the fireplace!  I would suggest the tv be mounted slightly lower as it is optimal to have viewing at eye level when sitting.

Great natural light coming in through the large windows on either side of the fireplace!  I am not sure how much brick there is elsewhere in the room or home or exterior of the home a this would influence my recommendation as it is nice often to tie in the same element within a space. 

Similarly without knowing what other elements you have in the room in terms of color in furniture or millwork I would make the following suggestions based on this photo alone.

You could paint the existing brick white or black depending on other elements in the room as mentioned earlier.  You could also add a shallow millwork mantle surround in white painted MDF to match the paneling on the fireplace. 

Also you could add a white painted mantle above the firebox opening. Please see reference images below.  We complete millwork drawings for the purpose of construction for custom design items. 

Please let us know if you would like us to customize your fireplace and provide construction drawings as we offer custom room design services.

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