Ask a Designer - Kitchen backsplash tile ideas or trends

Q: "Terrible lighting in this photo (no electricity yet) but quartz countertops came in today!  Now I'm even more confused about what to do for the backsplash. Open to any suggestions you may have. Also should I tile the space above the window or not?"

A:  Kitchen looks great!  I like the white cabinets and engineered stone countertop color.  If you prefer a neutral aesthetic, you could include a white color backsplash but include an interesting tile size/format. 

You could contrast the cabinets and countertop by adding a different color tile.  I would not recommend tiling the drywall area above the window since there is no tile on either side of the window. 


If there were 6” or more between the cabinets and windows then I would have suggested tile on all exposed areas including above the window as it would connect the splash tiles.  The tile will stand out too much on its own if you tile the area above the window especially if you select a tile that is not white. Please see some suggestions below.  Let me  know if you are interested in any of the tile options and I would be happy to send you the supplier/product information.

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