Ask a Designer - Entry area


"Hi! Any ideas for how I can decorate this space? Since the ceiling is so high, everything I've tried looks so small!"

Halo Design's suggestion:

Great entry space!  It can be challenging working with high ceilings but I like the symmetry and scale of this entry area. It allows for design elements like wall paneling/wainscotting.  Because I don’t know what the rest of the house looks like in terms of the furniture style, etc., I can provide suggestions based on the architecture (door style/wood color/finish, window style/shape and moulding. 

I think that adding a larger door and window casing as well as baseboard would look for the large space.  An approximate 6” casing would suit the scale of the space. 

Additionally you could add some wall paneling or wainscotting to the entry walls in white to match the trim and baseboard color.  This does not have to be a pricy project.  We have used MDF panels with a paint finish for many projects.  I would add an accent color above the wall paneling/wainscotting to the space…this would break up the height of the wall but additionally accent the wonderful height of the ceilings. 

You could include a larger area rug to fill more of the entry flooring area.  I have purchased many rugs from Ruggable…a company that provides machine washable area rugs for those who have pets  or children or live in a climate that results in a lot of dirt/mud being brought into the home.

If you have an existing ceiling outlet/plate you could include a nice hanging ceiling fixture in a pendant or chandelier style.  Additionally, a couple coordinating wall sconces would add a great design element.