What is online interior design?

What is online, e design, virtual interior design?

Online interior design, also referred to as E design or virtual design, allows you to work with a professional interior designer from the comfort of your home. You never have to step foot into a designers office. All work and communication between the customer and designer takes place online via email, text or phone.

Online interior design services are similar to the services a full service interior designer provides but limited in scope.  This limited scope allows the online interior designer to provide services at a discounted, more cost effective rate.

Services include interior design consults via phone, email or video, ask a designer advice services, furniture and finishes packages, custom room design packages, and color consults including paint color recommendations.

What are the benefits of working with an online interior designer?

Working with an online interior designer is more efficient and cost effective than working with a traditional interior designer or company.

Online interior design makes the whole design process very efficient. You can chat with your designer by phone, text or email with and purchase design services directly from the designers website.

If you are a DIY-er and don't mind shopping for furniture and doing a little leg work yourself, then online design is for you! Traditional interior designers often provide full design services which come with potentially hefty fees.

Traditional designers charge +150 hr but online design now allows interior designers to provide services at a much lower cost because you are bypassing the fees often included when working with a traditional interior designer. These fees often include the following:

  • travel time for meetings
  • site measures
  • boardroom bookings
  • purchasing furniture
  • overseeing installations 
  • overtime
  • additional services beyond the scope of the original contract

Why is online design so popular now?

With Pinterest and so many online design resources these days, people are more sophisticated about design and are able to find looks that they like but sometimes have trouble putting it together. 

Sometimes you just need a little direction design direction from a professional. Traditional interior designers often have minimums they charge for design service fees which can make it challenging for people to hire a designer for smaller scope projects. 

How does online interior design work?

All design work can be completed by chatting with a designer via text, chat or email.

Customers share photos and work with their designer by uploading everything to the designers website.

Customers can contact their designer anytime with quick response times. 

What services do online interior designers provide?

The services online designers provide will vary from one company to another but generally the scope of work will be smaller than if you were to work with a traditional design firm. Here are some services you can find from an online interior design company:
  • purchasing furniture packages that include all furniture and accessories for a specific room with a shopping list of where you can purchase all items.
  • purchasing finishes packages that include all finishes for a kitchen or bathroom with a shopping list of where you can purchase all items.
  • custom design an entire room(s) based on your budget and tastes including furniture and accessory selections.
  • answer any design questions that you may have
  • Color consults including paint color suggestions
  • Interior design consults
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