Frequently asked questions


Question: If I purchase one of your room style packages can you complete a floor plan/furniture plan for me using the specific furniture pieces to ensure that they fit within our specific room and to ensure the scale of each piece works within our room? 

Answer:   Yes! We provide an option for a furniture plan.  Send us the dimensions of your room along with a few snapshots of window, door locations and we will complete a furniture plan showing all furniture to scale.


Question: If I purchase the room style package and one or more of the items is no longer available/discontinued, will you provide an alternate option?

Answer: Yes! We would be happy to send you an alternate per each discontinued furniture item/accessory as we understand that retailers/suppliers will often change their product availability.

Question:  What suppliers do you include in the room style packages?

Answer: We are a Canadian company based in Toronto ON., we source our furniture from large Canadian retailers like West Elm, Restoration Hardware, Cb2, Structube, Style Garage, Article, Ikea, etc. However we do provide services to the US as there are comparable retailers we can source from as well. We do source some furniture from US suppliers and they will often charge a small shipping fee.